Best Piano Books for Adult Beginners

Discovering how to play the piano as an adult beginner can be a thrilling and fulfilling experience. 

Whether you’re pursuing a long-held aspiration or just seeking a new pastime, the appropriate piano method book can serve as a reliable partner on this musical journey. 

In this blog, we will examine some of the top piano books for adult beginners that are well-known in the field of music education.

What is the Purpose of Using a Piano Method Book?

In the present era of technology, there are many methods available for learning piano, ranging from online classes to tutorials on YouTube. 

Nevertheless, the modest piano method book maintains a significant role in music education for a variety of convincing reasons:

1. Adaptability

Piano instructional books give you the freedom to learn at your preferred speed. You can go more into subjects that captivate you the most, review past lessons, or utilize the book as an additional tool alongside your piano lessons.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Books are a cost-effective option instead of employing a piano teacher, which makes them a viable choice for numerous aspiring pianists. 

Piano technique books are frequently available at local libraries, which can help make learning more affordable.

3. Perceptibility

In a world of electronic displays, there is a certain sense of reassurance and tangible experience that comes with holding a printed book. 

Browsing through pages, jotting down notes in the margins, and observing your progress on paper can be a gratifying aspect of your learning experience.

Now, let’s explore some of the top piano technique books for adult beginners, taking into account their distinct characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages.

Faber: Piano Adventures for Adults, All-In-One Course, Book 1

Writers: Randall Faber and Nancy Faber

Price: $19.99

Ideal for: Adult beginners looking for a thorough introduction to piano, preferably with the assistance of a teacher or mentor.

Bastien: Piano for Grown-ups – Volume 1

Writers: Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien, Lori Bastien

Price: $19.99

Ideal for: Motivated students who appreciate tests and quizzes during their piano learning process.

Alfred’s Comprehensive Course for Adults – Volume 1

Writers: Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, and Amanda Vick Lethco

List Price: Book with a comb binding – $19.99

Ideal for: Students looking for extensive fundamental understanding, including in-depth theory and technique.

John Thompson’s Piano Course for Adults – Book 1 Written by: John Thompson

Price: $10.99

Ideal for: Students who want structured guidance and an emphasis on introductory-level music pieces.

John Thompson’s Piano Course for Adults: Book 1 is a timeless option with a distinctive method. It gives importance to melody and promotes the idea of pupils perceiving and experiencing music as an art form. The collection showcases lovely compositions and places a significant focus on musicality, expression, and volume. Although it is intended for supervised training, it provides a cost-effective choice for adult novices looking for interesting music pieces.

Hal Leonard Student Piano Library: Piano Method for Adults – Book 1

Writers: Fred Kern, Phillip Keveren, Barbara Kreader, Mona Rejino

Price: $17.99

Ideal for: Students who choose a natural and imaginative method for learning the piano.

The Hal Leonard Student Piano Library: Adult Piano Method – Book 1 adopts a distinctive approach by promoting improvisation and creativity from the very start. It familiarizes pupils with the layout of the keyboard and the importance of physical comfort before moving on to standard music notation. The book provides a mild and step-by-step method for playing the piano, making it appropriate for anyone who wishes to discover their artistic abilities while learning the instrument.

The Traditional Piano Technique – Technique Book 1 Writer: Hans-Guenter Heumann

Suggested Retail Price: €11.99 (Approximately $16.99 on

Ideal for: Novices with a specific fascination in classical music who wish to acquire knowledge through well-known classical tunes.

Piano For Beginners (3rd edition)

Writers: Adam Perlmutter, Hal Leonard Corporation

Price: $29.99

Ideal for: Utilize as an additional and comprehensive reference in conjunction with a practical instructional book.

Additional Excellent Books for Adult Beginners

Aside from technique books, you may want to explore other resources to enrich your piano learning experience:

Piano Chords and Scales

This useful guidebook offers diagrams of chords and scales for easy reference and practice.

The Virtuoso Pianist (Hanon): 

It is a timeless compilation of practice routines that have been highly regarded by pianists since 1873.

A collection of original and simplified versions of well-known classical compositions showcasing the most exquisite piano pieces.

The Pianote Christmas Songbook: 

Experience your preferred holiday melodies with both classic and easier versions.

The Pianote Practice Planner: 

Created by piano players for piano players, this practice journal assists you in staying organized and monitoring your progress.


Acquiring the skill of playing the piano may be a fulfilling experience, and having the appropriate tools can greatly impact your achievements. Discover these books, practice consistently, and let the music bring happiness and satisfaction to your life.

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