Yamaha P125 Digital Piano. Best Product Review.

Yamaha P125 digital piano

The Yamaha P125 is a user-friendly instrument that features a great acoustic piano playing experience within a minimalist design for a digital piano. It is a better investment than the  Yamaha P45 digital piano. 

Keep reading to learn more about this instrument. I will discuss its advantages and disadvantages, its accessories, and the most frequently asked questions about this instrument.



Yamaha P125

Description of the Yamaha P125 digital piano


The Yamaha P125 digital piano is the successor to the P115 and was released in 2018. The P125 was released as the replacement for the P115, which was discontinued that same year. It has 88 keys and a speaker that reproduces the sound of Yamaha concert pianos. The P125 also has a USB connectivity port that allows MIDI audio transfer, ensuring that you can connect it to a computer to use in conjunction with your preferred sound software. Of course, it also has XLR outputs for connecting to external amplification systems.

The range in terms of the tempo offered in the metronome goes from 5 to 280. It has 6 soundbanks with 4 available sounds each, that is, a total of 24 sounds. Used in conjunction with the P125’s split function, the keyboard is divided into two sounds, and one can produce a different one with each hand. With the layer function, all keys can produce two sounds at the same time.

The GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard technology that the Yamaha P125 has gives the feeling that it is being played on an acoustic piano since the keys have a variety in the perceived resistance when pressed. This piano has 3 zones with different weights in the keys each, which lightens as the notes’ pitch becomes higher. In addition to the authentic character of an acoustic piano, the sound delivered by the speaker is produced through a new 2-way amplification system, enveloping the user in their own performance in stereo quality.

The Yamaha Smart Pianist App is compatible with the P125. This can be downloaded to any mobile device such as cell phones or tablets to switch between the keyboard’s different features, be they voices, rhythms, or other settings. Smart Pianist lets you download songs and sheet music to learn with, with the ability to alter the tempo and have a visual register as you play.

Another feature of the Yamaha P125 is the duet function, which allows the keyboard to be divided into two equal parts with the same sound and octave register. In this way, two people can play the same sheet music on the same keyboard simultaneously. Besides, the three original pedals change their function so that each of the performers has his own damper pedal.

This digital piano features a classic metronome and a rhythm metronome. Rhythms are various sounds that recognize the chords the user plays to create the appropriate tempo and percussion accompaniments. It also has a 2-track recorder to play back your own performances and improve practice.


Yamaha P125


Accessories and other frequently asked questions about the Yamaha P125


The accessories that the Yamaha P125 includes will depend on the package you purchase. In the Home Bundle package, it ships with three pedals, a bench, and a complete platform for installation. It is also offered for sale in conjunction with a stand and bench, supported by steel scissors and a basic damper pedal. If you buy the piano alone, the keyboard and basic pedal only are included.

One of the limitations that certain users have found is the lack of a cable that allows connection with mobile devices and the app, which will have to be obtained separately, in addition to the fact that the Android application does not have the same level of approval as the app on Apple devices.

Some buyers have also reported that the keys can become pressed down or produce an undesirable clicking sound. Yamaha includes a one-year limited area warranty. The company recommends contacting your local Yamaha division in case you find defects like this. The pedals included in any of the packages, especially the basic pedal, are not the best part of this piano. Several of the buyers suggest looking for a higher quality one to integrate it into the P125.

If you look for a different external pedal, my recommendations are the “Soraco Sustain Pedal Universal for Yamaha Casio Roland Korg Behringer Moog Piano Midi Electronic keyboards” or the “M-Audio SP 2, Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboard, Digital Pianos & More”.


Here is a video review in English of the P125.

Here is a video review in Spanish of the P125.

My opinion of the Yamaha P125


The Yamaha P125 digital piano is one of the best options for those looking to start practicing. The amount of features it has to be entry-level makes it versatile and functional. The duo function, for example, is ideal for teaching the instrument since it allows the student and teacher to sit down to play while creating a mimetic exercise between them. The connectivity you have with the Smart Pianist app appeals to beginners with the universal and intuitive interface that a mobile device offers.

The GHS system offers the experience of playing an acoustic piano to people who have not had that opportunity while also providing the wide variety of sounds that only a digital piano allows. Its size does not make it a cumbersome accessory in the home and, therefore, transport is not uncomfortable. In short, the Yamaha P125 is an ideal choice for those looking to buy their first digital piano and learn to play this wonderful instrument.


If you are comparing models, read my review of the Yamaha P45.


My recommendations


Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Power Supply and Sustain Pedal (keyboard only)

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Bundle with X Stand, Bench and Sustain Pedal

Yamaha P125 Digital Piano Deluxe Bundle with Furniture Stand and 3-Pedal Unit (Yamaha P125 Bundle)

Yamaha L125B Wooden Furniture Stand for P125B (Matching stand for Yamaha P125)

Yamaha LP1B 3-Pedal Unit for P125, P121 or P515 (3-Pedal Unit only)

Adjustable Piano Bench: SONGMICS Adjustable Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Sheet Music Storage

Single Piano Pedal option 1: Soraco Sustain Pedal Universal for Yamaha Casio Roland Korg Behringer Moog Piano Midi Electronic keyboards

Single Piano Pedal option 2: M-Audio SP 2, Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action For MIDI Keyboard, Digital Pianos & More


Leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback about the Yamaha P125.


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