What Animals Could Kill a Crocodile? 8 Common Predators + Other Threats

Large Felines: Big cats like lions and tigers can and do kill smaller or younger crocodiles that stray too close to the water's edge.

Large Snakes: In some regions, large constrictor snakes such as anacondas and pythons have been known to prey on juvenile crocodiles.

Sharks: In coastal regions or estuarine environments, large sharks, including bull sharks and tiger sharks, can pose a threat to crocodiles. These sharks are capable of attacking and killing young or even adult crocodiles in water.

Other Crocodiles: Cannibalism is not uncommon among crocodiles, with larger individuals sometimes preying on smaller or weaker members of their own species.

Hippos: Although not predators of crocodiles in the traditional sense, hippos can pose a significant threat due to their aggressive nature and immense strength.

Eagles and Other Large Birds of Prey: Large birds of prey, such as eagles, have been observed attacking and killing juvenile crocodiles, especially in nests or when they are newly hatched.

Humans: Humans are perhaps the most significant threat to crocodiles, through habitat destruction, hunting for their skin and meat, and retaliation killings when crocodiles threaten livestock or human lives.

Wild Dogs and Hyenas: Packs of wild dogs or hyenas can attack young or injured crocodiles, especially if they find them on land where the crocodile's mobility is limited compared to in water.