Uninsured Drivers Are Running Rampant in These 10 States

Mississippi at 29.4%: This state has the highest rate of uninsured drivers, indicating a significant portion of motorists without the legally required insurance coverage.

Michigan at 25.5%: Following closely, Michigan's high rate of uninsured drivers is a concern for those on the road, affecting insurance claims and costs.

Tennessee at 23.7%: Ranking third, Tennessee's uninsured driver rate highlights the issue within the state, impacting both insured and uninsured motorists.

New Mexico at 21.8%: With over a fifth of drivers uninsured, New Mexico faces challenges in ensuring all motorists carry the required insurance.

Washington at 21.7%: Close to New Mexico's rate, Washington's uninsured driver percentage also indicates a significant issue within the state.

Florida at 20.4%: Florida's uninsured rate contributes to the state's overall traffic and insurance landscape, affecting policy costs and coverage.

Alabama at 19.5%: With nearly one in five drivers uninsured, Alabama's rate is among the highest in the nation.

Arkansas at 19.3%: Arkansas's uninsured driver rate poses challenges for the state's road safety and insurance systems.

District of Columbia at 19.1%: The nation's capital also faces a high rate of uninsured motorists, impacting the urban driving environment.

California at 16.6%: Rounding out the top ten, California's sizeable number of uninsured drivers affects a large population of motorists and insurance policyholders.