Forgotten Frauds: 10 Cons We’ve Forgotten About

The Match King Scandal: Ivar Kreuger, known as the "Match King," built a vast empire in the early 20th century by monopolizing the match industry across multiple countries.

Charles Ponzi's Original Scheme: While the term "Ponzi scheme" is well-known, the details of Charles Ponzi's original 1920 fraud, involving the arbitrage of postal reply coupons, have faded from public memory.

The Salad Oil Scandal: In 1963, Anthony "Tino" De Angelis defrauded American Express

The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872: Two prospectors, Philip Arnold and John Slack, convinced investors that they had found a diamond field in western United States.

The South Sea Bubble: In the early 18th century, the South Sea Company in Britain was granted a monopoly to trade in the South Seas.

The Bre-X Gold Fraud: In the 1990s, Bre-X Minerals, a Canadian company, claimed to have discovered a massive gold deposit in Indonesia.

The ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning Company Scandal: In the 1980s, Barry Minkow founded ZZZZ Best, a carpet cleaning and restoration company that turned out to be a front for a massive Ponzi scheme.

The Franklin Syndicate: In the late 19th century, William F. Miller, an accountant from Brooklyn, promised 10% weekly returns on investments.

The Fox Sisters and Spiritualism: In the mid-19th century, the Fox Sisters claimed to communicate with spirits through a series of taps and knocks, leading to the rise of Spiritualism.

The D.B. Cooper Skyjacking: In 1971, a man known as D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane, demanded a ransom, and parachuted out of the aircraft, never to be found.