7 Decorating Details That Prove Your House Is Southern

Antiques And Family Heirlooms

Showcasing furniture and decor passed down through generations, embodying family history and Southern tradition.

Monogrammed Linens 

Personalized items like towels and napkins with monograms, a hallmark of Southern hospitality and charm.

Porches With Comfortable Seating

Essential Southern feature, porches offer a welcoming space with rocking chairs and swings for relaxation.

Bold Patterned Wallpaper

Vibrant, often floral wallpapers add personality and a touch of nature, reflecting the South’s love for bold aesthetics.

Traditional And Casual Mix

Southern homes blend formal elegance with casual comfort, creating spaces that are both refined and welcoming.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Embracing the mild climate, Southern homes extend hospitality outdoors with kitchens and dining areas for entertaining.

Natural Materials Use

Incorporating wood, stone, and cotton, these materials connect Southern interiors to the land with rustic yet refined touches.