8 Things About Being Poor That Rich People Will Never Understand

The Stress of Living Paycheck to Paycheck: The constant worry about making ends meet, paying bills on time

The Compromise Between Food Quality and Quantity: For people living in poverty, the decision often isn’t about what they want to eat but rather what they can afford that will last the longest.

The Difficulty of Social Mobility: The barriers to improving one's socioeconomic status, such as lack of access to quality education, networking opportunities, and financial resources for investment or starting a business

The Hidden Costs of Being Poor: Rich individuals may not realize how expensive it is to be poor - higher interest rates for those with poor credit,

The Stigma and Shame Attached to Poverty: The judgment from others and the internalized shame of not being able to provide for oneself or one’s family can have profound psychological effects

The Complexity of Government Assistance: Navigating the bureaucracy of social services and the fear of losing benefits if one makes slightly more money can trap people in a cycle of poverty that's hard to escape.

The Constant Sacrifices: Choosing which essential need to prioritize—be it food, rent, healthcare, or education

The Impact on Health: Chronic stress, poor nutrition, living in polluted or unsafe environments, and lack of access to healthcare lead to worse health outcomes for the poor.