8 Etiquette Mistakes Everyone Makes at a Steakhouse

Using the Wrong Cutlery Incorrectly: Steakhouses often provide a specific set of cutlery for different courses. Using the steak knife for your salad or the dessert spoon for your soup is a faux pas.

Seasoning Before Tasting: Automatically reaching for the salt or pepper before tasting your steak is considered impolite. It suggests you don't trust the chef's seasoning skills.

Speaking Loudly or Using Phones at the Table: Steakhouses, especially upscale ones, value a certain level of decorum.

Not Using the Napkin Properly: Upon sitting, unfold your napkin and place it on your lap. Using it as a bib, leaving it crumpled on the table, or forgetting to use it altogether are common mistakes.

Incorrectly Cutting the Steak: The proper way to cut a steak is one piece at a time, eating each piece before cutting the next. Cutting the entire steak up at once is not considered good manners.

Ignoring the Dress Code: Many steakhouses have a dress code, ranging from business casual to formal.

Poor Handling of Disappointments: If your steak isn't cooked to your liking, the polite approach is to discreetly inform the server and ask for it to be corrected.

Misunderstanding the Role of the Sommelier: If a steakhouse has a sommelier, their expertise is there to enhance your dining experience.