8 Countries That Offer Retirement Visas to Americans

Mexico: With its close proximity to the US, pleasant climate, and lower cost of living, Mexico is a popular choice for American retirees.

Panama: Known for its Pensionado program, Panama offers one of the most attractive retirement visas available.

Portugal: Portugal attracts retirees with its mild climate, rich culture, and high quality of life. The country offers a residence permit to retirees under the D7 Visa, which requires proof of a reasonable passive income.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica's Pensionado Program is available to those who can prove a minimum monthly income from a pension or retirement fund.

Malaysia: Through its Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program, Malaysia offers a long-term visa to retirees who meet certain financial criteria.

Spain: Spain offers a non-lucrative visa that allows retirees to live in the country, provided they can show sufficient financial resources to support themselves without working.

Thailand: Thailand's retirement visa is available to applicants aged 50 and above who can meet the financial requirements through income or savings.

Ecuador: Ecuador offers a retirement visa for individuals who can prove a stable income from a pension or other sources. The country is known for its diverse geography, mild climate, and affordable living costs.