10 Timeless Names They’d Love

Elizabeth (Hebrew) - Meaning "God is my oath," this name has been borne by queens and literary characters, making it a classic choice with royal connotations.

Charlotte (French) - Derived from the male name Charles, meaning "free man." It's a regal name popularized by British royalty and classic literature.

Eleanor (Greek) - Meaning "bright, shining one," Eleanor is a name with a noble flair, associated with historical figures like Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Margaret (Greek) - Meaning "pearl," Margaret is a timeless choice, rich with historical and literary significance.

Katherine (Greek) - With the meaning "pure," Katherine has many variations and has been a favorite through the centuries for its elegance and grace.

James (Hebrew) - Meaning "supplanter," this name has biblical roots and has been a popular choice among Scottish and English royalty.

William (Germanic) - Meaning "resolute protection," William has been a kingly name for centuries, embodying strength and reliability.

Henry (Germanic) - Meaning "ruler of the home," Henry has a regal history and a timeless appeal that continues to resonate today.

Edward (English) - Meaning "wealthy guardian," Edward has been a name of kings and reflects a noble and classic demeanor.

1. Thomas (Aramaic) - Meaning "twin," Thomas is a classic name that has remained popular due to its biblical significance and enduring charm.

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