10 Things You Should NEVER Tip On

Sales Tax: The amount you pay in sales tax for goods or services should not affect the tip amount, as tips are for service, not for tax.

Medical Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals do not expect tips, as their services are considered part of a professional sector where tipping is not customary.

Education Professionals: Teachers, tutors, and educators do not receive tips for their services. Their compensation is typically not structured to include gratuities.

Fixed-Price Services: For services with a fixed price and no direct service component, such as a car wash where you have no interaction with the person cleaning your car, tipping is often not expected.

Government Employees: Postal workers, government clerks, and other public servants usually cannot accept tips due to regulations against receiving gratuities.

Professional Services: Services provided by lawyers, accountants, or other professionals working in a consulting capacity generally do not require a tip, as their fees are meant to cover their service.

Retail Employees: Staff at retail stores, supermarkets, and similar establishments usually do not expect tips, as their employers pay them a wage for their work.

Self-Service Situations: If you're using a self-service facility, such as a self-serve gas station or buffet, tipping is not necessary since you're doing the work yourself.

Airline Personnel: Flight attendants and check-in staff are typically paid salaries that do not expect tips. However, tipping shuttle drivers or skycaps is often appreciated.

Salon Owners: While it's customary to tip hairdressers and barbers, if the salon owner personally provides your service, traditional etiquette often advises against tipping them.