10 Things You Should NEVER Keep in Your Car

Electronics: Smartphones, laptops, and tablets can suffer battery and screen damage when exposed to high or low temperatures. Theft is also a risk when electronics are left visible.

Important Documents: Passports, social security cards, or any document with personal information should not be kept in the car due to the risk of identity theft if stolen.

Medication: Extreme temperatures can degrade the effectiveness of many medications, potentially rendering them useless or even dangerous.

Sunglasses with Plastic Lenses: High temperatures can warp or melt the plastic, ruining expensive eyewear.

Aerosol Cans: Products like spray paint, deodorant, or cooking spray can explode when left in a car that gets too hot, posing a significant safety risk.

Plastic Water Bottles: Heat can cause plastic bottles to leach chemicals into the water. Moreover, under direct sunlight, they can become a fire hazard by focusing light like a magnifying glass.

Food: Perishable items can spoil, attracting pests and emitting unpleasant odors. Even non-perishable items can melt or become unpalatable.

Lighters: Lighters can explode when exposed to high temperatures, posing a fire risk.

Batteries: Extreme cold or heat can cause batteries to leak or even explode, potentially causing damage to the car or harm to its occupants.

Makeup and Lotions: Heat can cause makeup to melt and lotions to separate, ruining the products and possibly creating a mess in your vehicle.