10 Things Polite People Always Say

"Please": This is a fundamental word that transforms a command into a request, showing respect for the other person's autonomy and willingness to help.

"Thank You": Expressing gratitude is not only about good manners but also about acknowledging someone else's effort, time, or contribution.

"Excuse Me": Used to politely get someone's attention, navigate through crowded spaces, or begin a request, "excuse me" shows awareness of and respect for others' personal space and attention.

"I'm Sorry": A genuine apology demonstrates acknowledgment of a mistake or oversight and the desire to make amends, which is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships.

"You're Welcome": Responding to thanks with "you're welcome" or a similar phrase shows that you acknowledge their gratitude and are happy to help.

"May I...?": Asking for permission rather than assuming consent is a sign of respect for others' boundaries and preferences.

"I Appreciate It": Expressing appreciation shows that you do not take others' actions for granted and value their contribution to your life or situation.

"After You": Offering to let someone else go first, whether in line or through a door, is a simple act of kindness and consideration.

"It Was Nice to Meet You": At the end of a conversation or meeting, this phrase leaves a positive impression and opens the door for future interactions.

"I Hope You Have a Great Day": Wishing someone well is a warm and friendly gesture that can brighten their day and reinforce a positive interaction.