10 Things People Who Don't Put Up With Anyone's BS Have In Common

High Self-Respect: They value themselves highly and refuse to let others treat them poorly. This self-respect ensures they establish and maintain strong boundaries.

Confidence: Their self-assurance allows them to stand up for themselves and their beliefs without hesitation.

Honesty: They are straightforward and honest, often being brutally frank. Their communication is clear, leaving little room for misunderstanding or manipulation.

Strong Boundaries: They know their limits and make them known to others. These boundaries are non-negotiable, serving as a protective barrier against disrespectful behavior.

Independence: They rely on themselves and trust their judgment, making decisions without undue influence from others. This independence is rooted in a strong sense of self.

Intolerance for Excuses: They hold themselves and others to high standards, and have little patience for excuses. Accountability is key in their book.

Perceptive and Intuitive: They have a keen sense of character and can quickly spot insincerity or duplicity in others, which helps them avoid potentially toxic situations.

Assertiveness: They communicate their needs and desires clearly and directly, without being aggressive. Their assertiveness ensures they are heard and respected.

Emotional Intelligence: High EI allows them to manage their emotions effectively and empathize with others, without being drawn into drama or manipulative tactics.

Focused on Actions, Not Words: They judge others by their actions, not just promises or intentions. Consistency and reliability in behavior are important to them.