10 Things People Mistakenly Think Are Real but Aren’t

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: The idea that ships and planes disappear at a higher rate in the Bermuda Triangle than in other parts of the world has been debunked.

The Full Moon Effect: Many believe that a full moon causes an increase in erratic behavior, hospital admissions, and police calls.

The Great Wall of China Visible from Space: The claim that the Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space is false.

Vikings Wore Horned Helmets: Contrary to popular depiction in movies and cartoons, there is no historical evidence that Vikings wore helmets adorned with horns.

Humans Use Only 10% of Their Brains: This myth has been widely circulated and is often used to suggest that people have untapped mental powers.

Napoleon Bonaparte Was Short: Napoleon was actually of average height for his time. The misconception may have arisen from the French inch

Goldfish Three-Second Memory: It's commonly believed that goldfish have a memory span of just three seconds. Research has shown, however, that goldfish can remember things for months.

Albert Einstein Failed Mathematics: This false narrative suggests that Einstein was poor at math to highlight that even geniuses can struggle. In reality, Einstein excelled in mathematics from a young age.

Shaving Causes Hair to Grow Back Thicker: Shaving does not change the thickness, color, or rate of hair growth. The hair may feel coarser as it grows back because it has been cut straight across.

The Five-Second Rule: The idea that food dropped on the floor is safe to eat if picked up within five seconds is a myth. Bacteria can contaminate food almost immediately upon contact with a surface.