10 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Vermont

Mud Season: Beyond the typical four seasons, Vermonters experience a fifth: mud season.

Small Town Charm Is Real: Vermont's small-town vibe is genuine, with communities often close-knit and supportive.

It's Not Just Rural: While Vermont is known for its rural landscapes, towns like Burlington offer a vibrant urban scene with arts, culture, and dining that can rival larger cities.

Outdoor Activities Are a Way of Life: From skiing and snowboarding in the winter to hiking, kayaking, and cycling in the warmer months, outdoor activities are deeply ingrained in the Vermont lifestyle.

Local Food and Farms Are a Big Deal: The farm-to-table movement is strong here, with a focus on local, sustainable agriculture.

Winter Can Be Intense: Vermont winters are known for their beauty but can be quite severe with heavy snowfall, cold temperatures, and long durations. Being prepared for winter is crucial.

The State Takes Pride in Its Independence: Vermonters have a strong sense of independence and pride in their state's uniqueness

Taxes Can Be High: While Vermont offers a high quality of life, it's also known for having higher taxes, including property and income taxes, which can be a surprise for newcomers.

Wildlife Encounters Are Common: From moose and deer to black bears, living in Vermont means sharing space with a variety of wildlife

The Arts Scene Is Thriving: Vermont may be small, but it has a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, music festivals, and live performances throughout the year.