10 States Struck by Massive Wave of Resident Departures

California: High living costs, particularly housing prices in major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, along with concerns over taxes and regulation, have led to an exodus of residents seeking more affordable living elsewhere.

New York: Similar to California, the high cost of living, especially in New York City, combined with taxes and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, has prompted many to relocate.

Illinois: Challenges such as high taxes, fiscal instability, and declining job opportunities, particularly in Chicago, have contributed to people moving out of the state.

New Jersey: High property taxes and living costs are significant factors driving residents to seek more financially friendly environments.

Michigan: Economic challenges, particularly in the automotive industry and manufacturing sector, have led to population declines in cities like Detroit.

Ohio: While Ohio boasts a relatively low cost of living, issues like job availability and economic growth have led some residents to move to states with more robust economies.

Pennsylvania: Economic factors, job market concerns, and taxes have influenced some residents to relocate.

Connecticut: High living costs, taxes, and economic concerns have motivated departures, despite the state's high quality of life and proximity to major urban centers.

Massachusetts: Although it's a hub for education and healthcare, the high cost of living in areas around Boston has led to resident departures.

Maryland: High taxes and living costs, particularly in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. metropolitan areas, have encouraged some residents to move.