10 Popular Car Features You’ll Probably Never See Again

Manual Transmissions: Although manual transmissions are still favored by driving enthusiasts for the control they offer, the demand has significantly declined.

CD Players: With the rise of digital media and streaming services, CD players in cars are becoming obsolete.

Cassette Tape Decks: Once a staple in every car's audio system, cassette tape decks have been phased out for years, replaced first by CD players and then by digital media systems.

Pop-Up Headlights: Pop-up headlights were popular for their sleek, aerodynamic design but have disappeared due to stricter safety regulations and the advancement in lighting technology,

Physical Key Ignitions: The traditional turn-key ignition systems are being replaced by push-button start systems and keyless entry technology, offering more convenience and security.

Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighters: As smoking becomes less socially acceptable and laws restrict smoking in vehicles, especially those with minors, ashtrays

Bench Seats: The front bench seat, which allowed seating for three in the front row, has largely been replaced by bucket seats for improved comfort, safety, and space utilization.

Hand Crank Windows: Manual windows are nearly extinct in new vehicles, replaced by electric windows for convenience and ease of use.

Retractable Antennas: The once-common retractable car antennas have been replaced by more sophisticated

Full-Size Spare Tires: To save space and reduce weight for better fuel efficiency, many manufacturers are replacing full-size spare tires with smaller "donut" spares or tire repair kits.