10 Housekeeping Habits Your Parents Taught You That Are Actually Wrong

Using Vinegar on Everything: While vinegar is a great natural cleaner for many surfaces, it can actually damage natural stone surfaces like granite or marble and harm the finish on hardwood floors.

Washing Windows on a Sunny Day: It might seem logical to clean windows on a bright day, but the sun can cause the cleaning solution to dry too quickly

Putting Coffee Grounds Down the Sink to Freshen the Drain: Coffee grounds can actually clog your pipes.

Believing More Detergent Means Cleaner Clothes: Using too much detergent can leave residue on your clothes and inside your washing machine

Dusting with Dry Rags: Dry dusting can spread dust around rather than removing it. Use a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth designed to trap dust.

Overloading the Dishwasher: While it may seem efficient, overloading the dishwasher can result in dishes not being cleaned properly. It's better to allow for proper water circulation.

Scrubbing Carpet Stains: Vigorously scrubbing a stain on the carpet can actually push the stain deeper into the fibers. It's more effective to blot the stain gently.

Using Bleach as a Mold Remover: Bleach can kill mold on non-porous surfaces, but it can't reach the root of mold on porous surfaces like wood and drywall.

Soaking Pans Overnight: While soaking can help with tough food residue, leaving pans soaking for too long, especially cast iron or aluminum, can cause damage and rust.

Flushing the Toilet with the Lid Up: This habit can spread germs and bacteria through aerosolizing droplets. Closing the lid before flushing is a more hygienic practice.