10 Cities That Have Become So Dangerous You Can’t Live There

Caracas, Venezuela: High levels of crime, including violent crimes such as homicide, have been reported, often attributed to political and economic instability.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras: Known for having one of the highest homicide rates in the world, largely due to gang violence and drug trafficking.

Acapulco, Mexico: Once a popular tourist destination, it has faced issues with drug cartel violence, significantly impacting its safety.

Cape Town, South Africa: Despite being a major tourist destination, it struggles with high rates of violent crime in certain areas.

Guatemala City, Guatemala: Challenges with violent crime, including armed robbery and carjacking, are prevalent, partly due to gang activity.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: While famous for its Carnival and stunning beaches, it also faces issues with violence and theft, including in tourist areas.

Karachi, Pakistan: Political unrest and violence, including terrorist attacks, have contributed to safety concerns in this large city.

Nairobi, Kenya: Crime, including muggings and burglaries, and the threat of terrorism, have raised safety concerns, although many areas are considered safe for tourists and expats.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Political instability, economic struggles, and natural disasters have compounded safety issues, including violent crime.

Baghdad, Iraq: Although safety has improved since the height of the Iraq War, the threat of terrorism and sectarian violence remains.