10 Bad Signs You're Using Someone

You Only Reach Out When You Need Something: If your communication is primarily initiated because you need a favor, support, or resources, it might indicate you're using the person.

Lack of Interest in Their Life: Showing little to no interest in what's happening in their life, their feelings, or their needs suggests that the relationship is one-sided.

Ignoring Them When They Need Help: Consistently being unavailable or uninterested when they require support or assistance

Manipulating Their Emotions for Your Benefit: If you find yourself frequently manipulating their feelings to get what you want, whether it's guilt-tripping them or playing on their sympathies

Unequal Effort in the Relationship: A relationship where one person consistently puts in more effort, whether emotionally, financially, or in terms of time, without reciprocation, can be exploitative.

Making Them Feel Guilty for Not Helping: If you often make the person feel guilty or bad about themselves for not being able to help you or meet your needs, it's a manipulative tactic that benefits you at their expense.

You're Not There for Them Emotionally: Failing to provide emotional support or being disinterested in doing so, especially if they've supported you, indicates a lack of genuine care.

Taking Advantage of Their Generosity: Continuously taking advantage of someone's generosity, kindness, or resources without showing appreciation or the intent to reciprocate can be a form of using them.

The Relationship Feels Transactional: If your interactions feel more transactional than relational, where everything is about what you can gain from them, it's likely you're using the person.

Lack of Genuine Connection or Affection: If you don't feel a genuine connection or affection towards the person and are primarily in the relationship for what you can get out of it, it's a sign that you're using them.