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How to Teach Piano is a bilingual blog and podcast inspiring pianists and piano teachers to expand their horizons while pursuing excellence in their craft. In this blog you will find a variety of tools, informed opinions, research summaries, book reviews, method reviews, interviews with fellow musicians and experts in different fields, explainer videos, video tutorials, webinars, and other resources dealing with “How to Teach Piano” and piano pedagogy in general, which will allow you to add value to your own teaching strategies and develop your own business as a professional piano teacher.

There are several piano pedagogy books you can find on Amazon. However, sometimes we just need certain pieces of the puzzle to complement what we already know or what we are already doing in our own teaching process. This is one of the goals of this podcast and blog: to provide you with pieces of value that you can integrate into your own teaching. The more value you can offer to your own students, the easier it will be for you to develop your own professional business as a piano teacher.

I want to thank you for visiting the website. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Welcome to the How to Teach Piano community!

My philosophy

Teaching is such a flexible profession, and I invite you to come to the How to Teach Piano podcast and blog with an open mind. The moment we limit ourselves to one way of doing things or one way of teaching piano and music, we limit our personal and professional development. Not only that, but we also limit our students’ personal and professional growth. After almost 30 years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels, I am always on the lookout for new or more creative ways of teaching.

About the future

I am fascinated by the developments and research that people do in other fields such as neuroscience, sports psychology, performance psychology, educational psychology, neurolinguistics, meditation, psychomotor learning, and kinesiology among others. There is so much research being done that sheds new light into how our brains and bodies learn and do things in more efficient ways. Ever since I got hooked into piano pedagogy, I began to look for ways of integrating what I was learning from other fields into my own piano playing skills and teaching strategies. I know the fields of piano pedagogy and piano playing will continue to evolve as we receive new knowledge and contributions from other fields of study.


Who am i?

Eduardo Orozco

Hi there! I am Eduardo Orozco, a fellow pianist and piano teacher with almost 30 years of teaching experience. I started my undergraduate degree at the state university in my hometown in Mexico before transferring and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in piano performance in the United States. I decided to stay in the USA to pursue my graduate studies and went on to continue with a Master of Music in piano performance and a Doctor of Musical Arts in piano performance. During the 18 years I lived in the United States, I always had my own piano studio in the different cities where I lived, and I also had the privilege of teaching at different universities including Minnesota State University-Moorhead, Valley City State University, North Dakota State University, and Kansas State University. All I can say about those years living in the United States is that it was a blast. So many personal and professional opportunities. ​I ended up moving back to Mexico where I run my own piano studio, and I’ve been lucky enough to have already been invited to teach and perform at some of the most prestigious piano festivals here in Mexico. I also recently opened my digital piano academy. Unfortunately, there are certain resources and opportunities that are still not available in Mexico. The best example I can give is the lack of a national association of such magnitudes such as the Music Teachers National Association, or the well-established National Conference of Keyboard Pedagogy. This is perhaps my biggest motivation for this new online project. I hope that the How to Teach Piano podcast and blog will be a bridge between fellow English-speaking and Spanish-speaking piano teachers and musicians. There are so many brilliant ideas and resources that can be shared, and language should not be a barrier.